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Whitney Rascals started with our founder, Pat Donahue, with an idea of collecting and distributing toys and gifts for the not so fortunate in our community. The idea was to have the community drop gifts off at a described place then have them delivered by a group of car guys that had Classic cars known now as the Santa Rod Run. Now with last year being one of the most successful events, with collecting and delivering over 300 gifts, it has become one of our most successful events and was incorporated into to Club when it was formed in 2018.

Whitney Rascals is a club of car and truck enthusiasts that enjoy talking, living, building and preserving the past so our youngest generation can enjoy what we all remember as the cars and trucks that made America. Our Club sponsors four events every year; three car shows and the Santa Rod Run. The proceeds generated from each event are given to a preselected organization, educational institution, or family/Individual and are distributed after that event. Our goal is to help those in our communities who need it the most. We meet on the first Thursday of every month. Details on our meeting are posted in our Events section on our website at whitneyrascals.com. Come be a part of us and meet the many car and truck owners who do this for the love of those golden vehicles!

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Gordon's quad engine Econoline. What a cool guy to meet.